Proton Control Panel

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Note: USB charger ports and LED drivers require an external +5V power supply. Telemetry and stats data available when using a Vesc derivative ESC only.

Digital instrument and control panel that turns ordinary electric skateboards into an advanced piece of machinery. Using a 2.8″ touch screen, it displays all the necessary stats of your ESK8 such as speed, battery percentage, voltage, amps, traveled distance… all in one place at your sight all the time.

Comes as a DIY kit including 1m UART cable, 3D printed case, and electronics.

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Some of the key features:

  • Touch screen – 240×320 3.2″
  • Real time telemetry right at your sight all the time ( Speedometer, battery voltage, temperature, traveled distance…)
  • Built in USB charger
  • Menu with different settings and options to adapt to your own configuration.
  • Dual UART port for dual Vesc support
  • Firmware updates through built-in micro USB, always up to date with latest Vesc changes.
  • Built in LEDs driver with touch color picker, effects, front and back lights
  • Easy to access and configurable riding preset modes.
  • Benchmark mode
  • Configurable sound alerts for low voltage, power on, …
  • Miles/Km units
  • Ultra fast refresh rate
  • Does not require the Photon remote or receiver, works with any standard remote