Photon Updater V0.3


A flash programmer for the Photon remote. Used to easily update your device firmware to the latest version.

-Warning- Use at your own risk.

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The Photon Updater is a flash programmer for the Photon remote to easily update the firmware.

In order to successfully and safely update your remote firmware, please follow the following steps:

1. Connect your Photon remote to your computer using micro usb.

2. Open “Photon Updater.exe” application

3. Under “Port:” you should see what serial port is the remote using. The number changes, it doesn’t have to be the same as in the picture. If it’s empty, press “refresh”.

4. Press “Browse” and select the latest firmware binary file, usually named Photonvx.x.bin

5. If the port is detected correctly, and the firmware is selected, “Flash” button should be enabled for you to use.

6. It will take a couple second for the flashing to complete, the remote will restart after a successful update, and you should see an output debug verbose.

7. Verify your Photon version by going to Menu -> About.

The software only works on Windows for the moment, a MacOS version will be released shortly after.