Photon Receiver


Backorder – new Photon² production starting on February 20, expected shipping time starting March 15th – Pre order now to reserve yours.

Here you can buy the Photon receiver individually, ideal if you want to run two receivers at the same time for a dual setup.

This receiver will only work with our Photon Remote.

Photon receiver has a UART port to control and get telemetry data from a VESC ESC.

It does also support PPM for non-VESC ESCs. PPm control does not support telemetry.

This receiver has built-in WS2812B driver for LED strips, extra digital channel to control custom add-ons, and a binding port jumper.

Out of stock

Out of stock

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  • Small and compact
  • Compatible with VESC
  • UART port for control and telemtry
  • PPM support for non-VESC ESCs
  • Built-in WS2812B LED driver, with a variety of lightning effects
  • Turn signals and reactive braking
  • Auto-binding port
  • FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)