Photon – Advanced esk8 remote *Kit version*


Kit version of the Photon remote, comes without a case, to be 3D printed separately
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The ultimate universal electric skateboard/longboard remote controller. Designed to be reliable, compact, and ergonomic.

Works with all VESCs variants like Focbox, Focbox Unity and Vesc 6.

Built in genuine, high quality nrf24 transceiver  for a reliable connectivity.

Long lasting battery life thanks to the optimized hardware and software.

Feature rich, with real time telemetry ( Voltage, amps, temperature, battery percentage, traveled distance, etc), elegant user interface, and countless adjustable riding modes.

Turn signals feature and reactive braking LED effects built-in.

Comes as a DIY kit, with a transceiver, UART cable, and 3D printed case.

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Out of stock



Bellow are the main features of our Advanced Electric Skateboard Remote Control:


Works with all VESCs variants like Focbox, Focbox Unity and Vesc 6. It does also work with regular ESCs through PPM output, but telemetry, cruise control and reverse functions won’t work with regular ESCs.

Remote is easily updatable through micro USB port using the Photon updater software .


111 x 43 x 25 (mm)

Custom designed PCB specifically for this project.

  • Powerful and fast cortex M0 32bit microcontroller.
  • 900mAh rechargeable battery
  • 2.4Ghz transceiver with ceramic antenna amplifier for an extended range and better reliability.
  • Soft power latching, turns on and off with a single push button
  • Micro USB for charging.
  • 1.44″ color display.
  • Smooth joystick controls.
  • Four push buttons.

Custom designed software to take full advantage of your electric skateboard.

  • Cruise control / Reverse mode
  • Detailed stats about your board: voltage, amperage, average temperature, traveled distance, battery percentage, amp hours, etc…
  • trigger/safety switch
  • failsafe function to neutralize the board in case of connectivity disruption.
  • Auto-reconnect
  • Supports up to 4 receivers.
  • Displays remote battery level
  • Displays electric skateboard battery level
  • Total traveled distance
  • Custom throttle acceleration and braking sensitivity
  • Ability to turn the buzzer on and off
  • Option to turn board lights on and off if you have them installed.
  • Units change -Mile/KM
  • Assign a function to custom push button.
  • Well designed user interface with an advanced gauge.
  • Auto-binding function
  • Auto calibration function
  • Built-in RGB editor
  • WS2812B LED strip driver
  • Turn signals and reactive braking

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